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uPang + Rotating UV lamps

Water Free. Chemical Free. Steam Free.

Sterilise baby bottles, pacifiers, toys, toothbrushes, eating utensils, mobile phones and more, using our uPang Toy and Baby Bottle Steriliser.

Ultraviolet sterilisation effects are harmless to the human body and produce a 99.9% sterilisation rate against pathogenic bacteria, fungi and various infectious diseases.

Dry and sterilize up to 14 bottles in 1 cycle.

Three Easy to use Settings

Set and forget. Simply choose the right setting for your sterilization needs and walk away. Once the cycle has finished, your uPang will turn itself off.

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Sterilise Anything

Using internationally tested UV sterilisation, you can ensure than almost any item is free from germs and bacteria with the uPang. From toys and bottles for babies, to mobile phones and remote controls. You can sterilise toothbrushes, glasses, keys and thermometers. 

With no water, steam or chemicals, there are no limits to what you can put in your uPang.

Tested & Approved  Worldwide

Don’t just take our word for it. 

The uPang has been tested and approved worldwide for a 99.99% effectiveness in destroying harmful virus and bacteria.

Easy to Use

To clean your uPang, just remove the trays and wash them in the sink. For the inside of the machine, wipe it down with a damp cloth. Replace the trays and turn on the Sterilization cycle – any germs brought in on the cloth with be destroyed by the UV light.

Check the back filter every month or so, if you see it’s getting dirty, just rinse it out in the sink, wait for it to dry and replace. Simple.

Safety First

The uPang dries your baby’s toys and bottles at a low 40°C using Infra-Red light. This means you can use the bottles straight away and be assured that they are safe to touch.

For added safety, when the door is opened, the lights inside turn off – no matter where you are in the sterilisation cycle.

Good for your baby. Good for the planet.

The uPang steriliser uses significantly less power than traditional steam sterilisers. Only 35w when both drying and sterilising, you’re not wasting any energy.

If you’re like us and hate wasting water, the uPang is a no brainer. Reduce your footprint, while still keeping your baby’s health your number one priority.

UV is the best way to sterilise

uPang features two UV-C lamps which are proven to kill up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria. Inside the unit are five sides of stainless steel super mirror and one glass reflective mirror that allow the UV light to bounce around and hit every surface.

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Choose Your uPang

Whether you’re bold and bright, or subtle and stylish, there is a uPang to suit your home.

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Anywhere you need it.

Weighing just 4.5kgs and only requiring a standard Australian powerpoint, you can put your uPang anywhere.

Accessories for your uPang

toothbrush holder

Toothbrush Holder

light bulb kit

Light Kit

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