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Warewashing Solutions is your UPANG service repair, spare parts and accessories provider.

Our service centre is based in Lane Cove, Sydney, 2066

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Accessories & add ons:

Replacement light tubes for 701 & 802 models & Toothbrush Holders


To maintain 99.9% sterilization with your UPANG 701 & 802, your light tubes will need to be replaced every 12 – 14 months


uPang uses UV-C light to kill 99.9% bacteria and virus found on your items.

When the UV light hits the surface of your items, it breaks the molecular bonds within the DNA of these microorganisms, rendering them unable to function or reproduce. Used worldwide as a medical grade way to disinfect and sterilize, UV is safe and effective for your home.

How do I use UPANG?

uPang is simple and effective to use. If your items are dirty you will need to wash them first, and remove excess water, by shaking or drip drying. For items that cannot be washed just wipe them down until they are clean. You can then put your items inside the uPang and choose your cycle.

Do I need to clean the UPANG? YES

It is imperative that your UPANG remains clean inside and out.

Yes. If you sterilize damp items, you will need to make sure you wipe up and droplets that fall on the inside of the machine. This will ensure that all of your surface remains reflective to send that UV light back up to sterilize your items.

To clean, remove the shelves and wash them separate in warm water. While they are drying, use a soft damp cloth (a glass specific cloth is best for this and can easily be purchased from your local grocery store) to wipe the inside of the machine, taking care to remove all water stains. When done, pop the shelves back in and press auto – any germs from the cleaning process will then be sterilized too.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to clean your uPang may cause electrical faults that may not be covered under warranty.



The Upang Sterilizer is Good for you & Good for the Planet

Good For You, Good For The Planet

The uPang sterilizer uses significantly less power than traditional steam sterilizers. Less than 50w when both drying and sterilizing, you’re not wasting any energy.

If you’re like us and hate wasting water, the uPang is a no brainer. Reduce your footprint, while still keeping your baby’s health your number one priority.

Looking Out For the Environment

  • No water used to boil for sterilization just to be poured down the sink once you’re done.
  • Only 45W maximum output during drying cycles
  • All plastic and stainless steel components of the uPang and uPang Plus LED are fully recyclable at the end of the machines lifetime.

99.999% effective against

What items can I sterilize?

From baby bottles and breast pump parts to mobile phones and remote controls, you can sterilize almost anything with uPang.

Is there anything I can’t sterilize?

We do not recommend sterilizing latex inside the uPang. The uPang should not be used to sterilize food and/or liquids.

How do I use my uPang?

Refer info above.

How do I clean my uPang?

Remove all items from the uPang. Wash the shelves in your sink and dry. Using a soft, damp cloth, wipe down the inside of the machine to remove any water droplets or marks on the surface of the stainless steel. Return the shelves to the uPang and run a ‘Sterilization’ cycle to kill any germs and bacteria that may have been introduced from the cloth.

How often do I need to replace the light bulbs?

If you have a uPang 701 or 802, the UV light bulbs need to be replaced every 10,000 hours or 12 months of use, whichever occurs soonest. You can purchase a replacement light kit here. We also have a video to show how to replace all three bulbs.

For uPang Plus LED, you will not need to change the lights at all. If in a rare instance you have an issue with one or more of the LEDs, please contact us immediately.

What is the voltage/power requirements?

All uPang sold via this website and through our authorised retailers come with 220~240V/50hz power and an Australian plug.


All uPang sold via this website and through our authorised retailers come with a 12 months back to base parts and labour warranty as detailed here. Please email [email protected] for a warranty repair form.

New Zealand based customers will need to send their units to Australia for any warranty repairs.

How do the different functions work?

  • Automatic (35 mins in 701/38 mins in 802) Infra-Red Low-temperature drying and UV sterilization
  • Turbo (50 mins in LED only) Low-temperature drying and UV sterilization
  • Sterilization (13 mins in 701/10 mins in 802): For items already dry or sensitive to heat. Use this cycle to sterilize dry objects such as remotes, cellphones, toys, etc.
  • Ventilation (10 mins both): Removes odours unique to breast or powder milk