The original and the best

uPang Plus LED

How does it work?

From the makers of the worlds first UV Sterilizer comes LED UV

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Good For You, Good For The Planet

The uPang steriliser uses significantly less power than traditional steam sterilisers. Less than 50w when both drying and sterilising, you’re not wasting any energy.

If you’re like us and hate wasting water, the uPang is a no brainer. Reduce your footprint, while still keeping your baby’s health your number one priority.

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Accessories and Add Ons

This is our 2nd upang sterilizer as we have decided to upgrade for a bigger capacity from the previous upang generation. We recommend it highly and it is one of our best baby purchases. We love it so much that we’ve used our older sterilizer to disinfect any personal equipment that we bring to and from work like our phones and watches.