How to Use uPang

How does it work?

uPang uses UV-C light to kill 99.9% bacteria and virus found on your items.

When the UV light hits the surface of your items, it breaks the molecular bonds within the DNA of these microorganisms, rendering them unable to function or reproduce. Used worldwide as a medical grade way to disinfect and sterilize, UV is safe and effective for your home.

How do I use uPang?

uPang is simple and effective to use. If your items are dirty you will need to wash them first, and remove excess water, by shaking or drip drying. For items that cannot be washed just wipe them down until they are clean. You can then put your items inside the uPang and choose your cycle.


Do I need to clean the uPang?

Yes. If you sterilize damp items, you will need to make sure you wipe up and droplets that fall on the inside of the machine. This will ensure that all of your surface remains reflective to send that UV light back up to sterilize your items. 

To clean, remove the shelves and wash them seperate in warm water. While they are drying, use a soft damp cloth (a glass specific cloth is best for this and can easily be purchased from your local grocery store) to wipe the inside of the machine, taking care to remove all water stains. When done, pop the shelves back in and press auto - any germs from the cleaning process will then be sterilized too.