//uPang 701 – Green

uPang 701 – Green

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  • dual UV Sterilizer
  • 3 control buttons – automatic / sterilization / ventilation
  • Registered medical device product in US FDA (Medical Device No:3007914006)
  • 99% sterilization effect for influenza virus
  • 99% internal sterilization effect for dummy and baby bottle
  • Eco-friendly product by means of low temperature drying process via infrared ray below 40 degrees
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uPang, the world’s first Waterless UV Steriliser for baby bottles and toys. Developed and manufactured in Korea, it has also won 4 consecutive Korea Customer Preference 1st Brand Award.

The uPang Waterless / Chemical Free / Steam Free / UV Steriliser is suitable for sterilising a wide range of everyday items from bottles to mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, a computer mouse, toys, keys, wallets and remote controls by using the multi cycle unit on the Sterilize cycle.

With UV sterilization there is no risk of mildew and odd smells due to wet bottle storage.

Infra Red dries your bottles and toys prior to the UV sterilization process.

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220-240 V / 50-60Hz / 35W / Australian Plug


12 months back to base parts and labour warranty.


1x 30W Infra-red light, 2x 4W UV-C light, 2x stainless steel trays