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uPang Plus LED - Orange

uPang Plus LED - Orange

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Number of available units : 4

9x UV-LED lights for maximum sterilization power. (6 at the top and 3 in the sides)
Fan based drying - no more need to replace the lights every 12 months!

12 month warranty

2 Year Guarantee on LED lights!

New TURBO Mode - double press 'AUTO' on the outer door for an additional 20 minute drying cycle.

STORAGE MODE - 2 minutes sterilizing every 3 hours while not in use.

uPang Plus LED has been tested to 99% effective against human coronovirus.

  • Patented rotating UV LED lights
  • Stainless Steel Supermirror
  • Double door, with quick start AUTO
  • Dot Matrix LED Display for time remaining.
  • Comfortably fits 16 bottles
  • 3 control buttons inside door – automatic / sterilization / ventilation
  • Registered medical device product in US FDA (Medical Device No:3007914006)
  • 99% sterilization effect for influenza virus
  • 99% internal sterilization effect for dummy and baby bottle
  • Low temperature drying cycle
  • External Dimensions: 325mm x 405mm x 446mm
  • Internal Dimensions (usable area): 279mm x 290mm x 314mm
  • Available in 6 colours
  • All units are made factory standard to Australian power requirements and come with a 12 month Australian parts and labour warranty

Suitable for baby products and toys, kitchen products, personal care products, and places where bacteria are often prone to breeding, such as remote controls, toothbrushes, combs or mobile phones...

The LED ultraviolet light used by uPang 901 is stronger and more efficient than UV bulbs in terms of sterilization ability and lifespan (UV led life is about 4-5 years; no need to replace every year).

The new model uPang 901 has a total of 9 UV LED lights (upper 6 and lower 3, plus a patented 180-degree rotating disk to ensure zero dead space disinfection). Equipped with 3 customary constant modes (Auto/UV/Ventilation); 2 special modes Turbo 60mins and Storage mode are added, which is convenient for users.

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Home or Office

uPang is a perfect addition to any workplace. Sterilize shared items like coffee cups, stationery, headsets - even key cards.

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